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This is important stuff. Read it, love it, live it.
  1. Make sure your design complies with our design guidelines
  2. Read the offical rules
  3. You must receive at least 500 votes before your first shirts are sent.
  4. Your cause is supported in three ways:
    1. Send people to your Campaign page to vote for your design. This raises awareness of your cause and sends you on your way toward "B" below.
    2. Promote your Cause through Facebook and the Our Cause web site.
    3. People are going to wear your shirt and spread the word of your cause.
  5. Need more shirts? we can hook you up. Give us a call and we'll set you up with as many shirts as you need for cheap.
Q. Three and a HALF steps to enter this whole thing? What are you talking about?
A. Not only are we trying to be witty here, but we really want to stress the importance of you reading the info on this page...the half step. This is info that you MUST read and understand before proceeding. It'll make everyone's lives easier. So go read...