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Our Cause Is Your Cause is an effort by League Collegiate Wear to help college organizations, clubs and groups promote service in their community. We are supporting the students that support the League brand in the college bookstore by giving away 50,000 t-shirts.

If you are trying to raise money for a Cause in your college community, whether it's on-campus, in town or in your dorm, League can set you up with some free t-shirts - printed with your design. You then take these free t-shirts and sell them around town to raise money for your Cause.

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College of Charleston
We will use the free t-shirts to help support Haiti during their difficult times. Heartline Ministries for Haiti has responded to the earthquake with a medical clinic. All proceeds on this shirt will be donated to them to help Haiti. All earthquake related donations will go 100% to recovery and rebuilding.

Having many family members and friends deal with cancer, whether watching someone deal with it or actually being diagnosed themselves, cancer affects all of us. I love Relay for Life. It is an amazing cause where our entire school has 1 common goal. And it isnt to go to an Ivy League Grad school, or get the highest GPA or make the highest salary. Its to cure cancer. I will use these t-shirts to sell on campus at a very cheap price to help support cancer. All of the money raised will be going to the Relay For Life fund. This will also spread word about the event on our campus and hopefully will get more people to help out and donate. Having these t-shirts donated to us will put us on the right tract to help cure cancer one campus at a time.

There are no active campaigns right now. Please check back soon.
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